How I lost (sort of) my respect for my dad.

Daily Prompt: High Noon.

The whole family had a gathering on Christmas. Instead of the traditional turkey, we had honey roasted chicken. No question, it was an idiotic decision. It tasted horrible- reminded me of detergent that it’s almost ridiculous. Thankfully, the ham and log cake were delicious. Since it was mostly bad tv shows, my best friend and I decided to watch a movie on the net. 27 minutes (man, I’ve got way too much free time) through the show, I suddenly thought of my dad. After noting it down, it took me a while to come up with a suitable title for this post. As seen from the title, I guess you can say that it’s nothing serious. No family dramas. No wailing and screaming. It’s nothing much, really, it’s just that I find it disturbing.

Just a couple months earlier, we went to the theatre to catch Life of Pi- beautiful movie by the way. Ang Lee never disappoints. Before the start of the movie, instead of trailers shown on the big screen, songs were blasting at full volume. It’s almost offensive. No offense to Rihanna, Bruno and Nicki.

To make matters worse, came Katy Perry’s Fireworks. ( I know, I checked) What my papa said next bemused me.

You know, this is a good song. 

Now, hold up. Is this the same man who once said that Gangnam Style is the most over-rated and irritating song ever made? This is the man who loves listening to Teresa Teng and Fei Yu-Ching. The man who preferred listening to soft ballads than pop/electronic music.

I initially wanted to scream at him and said, ” What have you done with my papa?! ” But seeing how the theatre was packed with people, I managed to get a grip on myself. I’m not bashing on Perry or Psy, I’m actually happy for the latter’s success.

I'm happy for you, Psy, but Gangnam Style's got to stop.

I’m happy for you, Psy, but Gangnam Style’s got to stop.

credits: yahoo

A 54 year old guy complimenting on Perry’s music? It just doesn’t add up.

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